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Dear Friends,

Welcome to visit Suzhou Sanji Foundry Equipment Co., Ltd. website.  Whether you are a new friend or an old friend, first of all on behalf of the company, I would like to express our most sincere thanks to you for your care, support and help! Because of your care,support and love, SANJI had many past achievements and will have a more brilliant future. 

SANJI was founded in 1996 when the excellent situation of reform and opening was in progress.  Let China be the world leader in die casting industry has been the goal of SANJI since the inception of the company.  In order to achieve this goal,we must first develop China's own die casting equipment to enhance China’s casting technology and quality equipment, and lay the foundation for China’s die casting industry to the world.  We chose research, development and manufacture of die casting equipment at the start of the company. Today, China’s die casting industry has gone toward the world and the casting production output ranks the first in the world. The gap is shrinking between China and other countries in die casting equipment,technologies and processes.

After more than ten (10) years of striving, SANJI continues growing together with other die casting enterprises in China. With innovation spirit, SANJI has developed a large number of advanced die casting equipment and made a positive contribution to the development of Chinese die casting industry while also winning our customers trust, experts support and industry recognition.Recalling the pioneering hardships and achieved results in past decade, we believe that our customers are the basis and our most precious principles are converging all his talents, technologies and resources to help customers to solve various problems in casting production, so customers can get the maximum benefit.  We have value only by creating value for our customers.

China is a big country for die casting, but still one step away from the die-casting powers. Now SANJI stands at the starting line again. Breaking the traditional, challenging the limit and pursuing the excellence and let China be the world leader in die-casting industry has always been SANJI’s mission and dream since it was founded!  Based on the revitalization and development of die-casting equipment, the full range of research and promotion of casting production technology, the die-casting production process automation,intelligence, information technology, we will be working with millions of Chinese colleagues courageously striving to create the dream of powerful China die casting in the next ten (10) years!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the people who ever worked for Sanji. It is because of your continuous efforts, we have built a SANJI team with such a rich experience, unity of spirit, full of enthusiasm and collaboration.  It makes us full of confidence and wisdom on the road ahead. I would also like to thank all of the friends who has contributed to SANJI’s development.  It is because of your support, care and help, SANJI has sustainable progresses; I also want to thank our customers, it is because of your support and trust, Sanji has the development power and inexhaustible source.

Finally,I wish all the friends good health, a happy family, a successful career, and good luck!

Shan Xin Xu