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DC4000C successfully won the project of National Key New Product Plan

“DC4000C Precision Horizontal Cold Chamber DieCasting Machine” made by SANJI successfully won the project of National Key NewProduct Plan, which is the second product winning the project following“SCH-350A Horizontal Squeeze Casting Machine”.

DC4000C Precision Horizontal Cold Chamber DieCasting Machine is a super-large die casting machine which clamping forcereaches 4000 ton. It has the advantages of real time injection control system,stable performance; high degree of automation, high efficiency etc, and the comprehensiveperformance reaches international advanced level.

This product can meet the molding production needs of largealuminum-magnesium alloy casting used as engine cylinder with capacity over2.4L in heavy truck gearbox housing, clutch housing, upscale car etc. it’surgent and necessary equipment for the development of our country’s importantbasic industry such as automobile and communication etc. It’s successfullyR&D has great significance to break the long term monopoly of foreignsuper-large die casting machine, realize the technical bottleneck breakthroughof automobile key parts and so that improve our country’s industrialtransformation and upgrading.