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Suzhou Sanji and SHILOH (US Company) Joint Venture Project Successfully Signed

Suzhou Sanji Foundry Equipment Co., Ltd. and SHILOH INDUSTRIES, Inc., a US company, successfully held a ceremony for "SHILOH SANJI CastLight  (Nantong) ,Ltd. Joint Venture Project " in Yishe Hot Spring Hotel along the beautiful Lake Tai on April 18, 2015.

Suzhou Sanjiis a well-known die casting and squeeze casting equipment manufacturer and has developedthe first specialized squeeze casting equipment in the country since 2007.Currently the company has successfully developed a series of horizontal andvertical squeeze casting equipment and implemented specialized productions andvolume sales. Our partner of this cooperation is SHILOH INDUSTRIES, Inc., a US company andthe largest production company for squeeze castings in the world and theworld's well-known automotive components supporting vendors. The alliancebetween SHILOH and Sanji is a very strongcombination in domestic and foreign squeeze casting areas, and the implementationof the project will have a very important significance and impact on the developmentin domestic and international die casting and squeeze casting industry.  

The project will be located in Jiangsu Nantong Su-TongScience and Technology Park with a totalinvestment of $ 30 million, and build a squeeze casting plant with an annualoutput of 8,000 tons of aluminum alloy castings. The goal of the joint ventureis to build a base of the world's most powerful squeeze casting productiontargeting the global automotive lightweight markets and providing specializedhigh-quality automotive safety components and structural parts for domestic andforeign automobile plants. Meanwhile, through the further integration ofcapital, technology and marketing from both sides, it will promote squeezecasting technology to a new height in China and the world. Squeeze casting is considered as one of the most advancedcasting molding processes to produce high-quality non-ferrous alloys in theindustry at home and abroad. While the recent squeeze casting equipment andtechnology advantages are becoming increasingly prominent, a wave has been setoff for squeeze casting research and applications.  We believe that the market prospects ofsqueeze casting will become increasingly broader, and this joint venture is inline with the needs of the development trend for high-quality casting moldingtechnology domestically and internationally.